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Meet Rebecca with RV Designs!

Hello and Happy Friday!! I hope you’ve had a lovely week. Today, for Featured Friend Friday, I have a lovely designer that I’m very excited for you to meet. Her name is Rebecca Velasquez with RV Designs.

Rebecca is in Houston, Texas and has been designing for about 16 years. She creates amazing knit & crochet wearables that are absolutely beautiful. She also teaches “beginner to advanced knitting and crochet at my local yarn store. I love the personal connections and relationships I get to build as we spend time in a classroom all working toward the same goal.”

Rebecca learned her craft from her grandma, “I was 10 years old, maybe 12, I don't remember exactly. Both of my grandmother's crocheted and one summer day while at grandma's house, I asked to learn. I swear it was a solid week that she made me crochet chains that I would wrap and wind around the entire house. She would critique and then roll it all back into a ball for me to do it again. Was she just keeping me busy or teaching me the importance of proper tension? Lol! In my late 20's as I started increasing the amount of crocheting I did and then enlisted a friend to teach me to knit.”

I asked Rebecca to tell me about her journey as a designer, “Oh, wow, It has definitely been a journey. My first published design was a fun flip-top, lidded mushroom stuffy, an amigurumi of sorts, way back in 2006 (it's sadly, no longer available from the publisher- I should reach out to them about this...). At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom with 4 kiddos from 3-8 years old. I designed for a few magazines here and there over the years, when time allowed- and sometimes when it didn't, staying up into the wee hours to write and crunch numbers while the children slept.

I slowly increased my work as they grew. Now that my kiddos are all adults, I am designing and building my business full time (plus some). The minutia of what goes on behind the scenes of crochet and knit design is a bit mind-boggling. From website design to video/photo editing, layouts, and marketing.... it'll make your head spin! But I am learning and loving it. Although I do hope to one day be able to add an assistant to help out. I feel that actually getting to design and stitch is such a small part of my job, anymore. Finally hitting that "Live" button on a new piece is such a joy and rush of excitement and anticipation. I love it. It also means that it’s time to yarn again and work on a new design!

My head never stops, "Oooo, I bet this would be great as sweater inset/shawl/hat detail"... never stops. My poor notebooks can hardly keep up! Fairly recently, I started a blog for posting free patterns and an article or two- RebeccaVelasquez.com There is a link on the site to sign up for my newsletter that I send out when new goodies are released.

Beginning the blog showed me how much I needed video tutorials and the YouTube channel was born. Being on camera is a whole new world that I'm coming to absolutely love being a part of! In fact, filming several "Tiny Tutorials" is what I've got on the calendar for this afternoon- Coming Soon!

I'm looking forward to what the future holds. Currently, I am finalizing the details of my first independent collection- The Industrial Collection. It will have 11 pieces total; 7 crochet and 4 knit. I am over the moon about this. The whole process is just so very, very exciting for me. Designing collections has been my dream for many years and finally having the opportunity feels a bit surreal. Big things are coming.”

Below are 3 hand picked patterns by Rebecca for YOU! If you click on any (or all!) of the images, you'll be directed to her website where you can grab the pattern for yourself. Oh! And, they're free!

Rebecca loves the process of designing, “from choosing a stitch pattern to making the sample. The challenge of the math can be overwhelming at times, I typically write for 10 sizes from 30-66" [76-167.5 cm], but it is so worth it; size inclusivity is important to me. Ooo and when the photography comes in... that’s a real thrill! The absolute best part, without question, is when people tag me in their posts of projects that I've designed. Getting to see their happiness and pride in something created by their own hands.... yep, that's what it's all about.”

What would be Rebecca’s biggest tip to share with a new crafter? “I'm not sure if this counts as a tip, but the one thing I tell all of my students in classes and to anyone having difficulty with a specific technique: Breathe. Relax. This is your fun time. Do your best to let go of the need for perfection and enjoy the process. Give yourself the grace to make mistakes and learn.”

In addition to her fiber loving hobbies, Rebecca likes to “listen to audio books constantly. I love to revisit the classics I didn't appreciate in high school and I also listen to all the action-adventure books my husband is reading, it makes for great evening conversation, but is so hard to not give away details if I get ahead! And podcasts... mysteries and crazy true stories, fascinating.”

Rebecca and her “Mr. have been married for almost 26 years. We have 4 children that are 18-23 years old, although our birthday season is near and they are all about to move up. We have 2 dogs, Lucy and Mila, and a gorgeous black cat, Raven.”

I asked Rebecca what her typical Saturday includes, “Honestly, I do usually work on Saturdays, but with the joy of having my husband by my side. He handles all of the backend website stuff (SEO, keywords and technical things engineers love). When the opportunity is there, we travel to see my sons that are near. Beyond yarn, I'm really quite boring. I walk the dogs and daydream about redecorating the house.”

To see more of Rebecca’s work, please visit her at the following links and show her some love.





Thank you for taking the time to visit today and for joining us on our yarny adventures. I hope you have a lovely weekend filled with lots and lots of yarn (and one of Rebecca's patterns!).

💕 Stacy J

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