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Meet Raffaella with Raffamusa Designs!

Hello and Happy first Friday of February! Today we’re taking a trip to the Netherlands to meet my friend, Raffaella with Raffamusa Designs! She’s originally from Italy and currently lives in the Netherlands with her boyfriend and their rescue dog. “We've had our dog since last summer and we've been enjoying his company so much. He's the sweetest!”

Raffaella started her blog raffamusadesigns.com about 3 years ago. She says, “I have to admit that I could barely crochet 3 years ago. However, sharing my patterns has greatly helped me improve and learn new and better ways to do things.”

I asked Raffaella to tell me about her journey as a designer, “When I first started blogging, I had the idea that I would focus on garments and accessories; at least those were the things that I saw most bloggers making. However, I quickly found out that what I enjoy the most are home decor projects, especially potholders – And by the way, I don't make holes in my potholders, I don't want to get burned when I am cooking! Immediately below home decor ideas, I have a very sweet spot for anything with Tunisian crochet. I normally make quite large projects with Tunisian, so in between, I like some quick and fun projects, you know, the quick wins, such as appliques and accessories.”

Raffaella started crocheting “during a very stressful time of my life. It was at the end of my Ph.D., when I was so busy finishing up that I barely had time to sleep. Well, instead of sleeping I started crocheting. You can very well imagine that my sleep hours reached an historical low at the rhythm of "one more row"!

When asked what inspired her to begin designing, Raffaella says, “I’m not entirely sure I was "inspired". I'd rather say that I'm kind of terrible at following patterns, even my own patterns. The thing is that I always want to change things, make something different, add a little detail. So, in the end, I find myself with something totally different than what the pattern described. I love that I can take all the confused ideas that keep crowding my mind and transform them into something real and colorful. It is liberating to finally see a project take form!”

To see some of Raffaella's designs, please click on the images below to be directed to the pattern on her website. She's even offering a special discount to our readers! Use farmlove on Ravelry to get 30% off when you buy at least 2 Farmhouse Potholders until 10 Feb 2021!

So, what inspires Raffaella to continue designing? “I have read many times of crocheters who draw inspiration from nature, fashion, or other things. For me, it's not "something" that inspires me. I'd rather say that it's really just the act of crocheting that makes me want to create more and more. And then ideas follow! One other thing is my love for anything handmade. So, whenever I need to find a present for someone, I'd rather make something myself. I start thinking - What that person might like? And it's usually a cake or a crocheted piece, very often both!”

What is Raffaella currently working on? “While I am too ashamed to admit the real number of my work-in-progress projects, I'll say that I am trying to focus on 3 projects right now. Two of them are accessories, while one is a new granny square pattern.”

In addition to being a fiber lover, “My biggest passion outside of the yarn world is definitely cooking. Or should I say eating? Well, the two are very closely connected! I like cooking because I love food, and more than that, I love sharing food with the people I love. As an Italian, I guess that I use cooking as a way of taking care of other people.”

Raffaella’s biggest tip to share with a new crafter? “I would say one thing that I would so love to go back in time and tell my beginner-self. Go up in hook size!”

To reach out to Raffaella, feel free to contact her at raffaella@raffamusadesigns.com. Make sure to subscribe to her newsletter where she often runs free granny square CALs! Also, below are the links to follow her on social media.

Website: https://raffamusadesigns.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaffamusaDesigns

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raffamusa_designs/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzqyP_L6LJ8_IC3fCQ30wjg

Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/raffaella-tassoni

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.it/raffamusadesigns/

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RaffamusaDesigns

Thank you for joining us today to meet my friend, Raffaella! I do hope you check out her website and give a pattern a try. Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with lots and lots of yarn :)

💕 Stacy J


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