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Meet Pam with Carroway Crochet!

Pam in her Happy Hippy Sweater

Happy Friday!! Today is Featured Friends Friday and I'd like to introduce you to Pam with Carroway Crochet!

Pam "was born in Vancouver to parents who emigrated from England after the war. So, at 17 I moved back to England with them when my mum got homesick. I was there until 1981 when I returned to Canada with my own family. I am currently living on one of the Southern Gulf Islands off the coast of Vancouver BC and building a natural (cob) home, which is nearly finished. It has been a labour of love."

Pam learned crochet "when my first two kids were small. At the time there was no internet. So, I learned from pictures and written explanations. I am left handed and just adapted everything to make it work for me."

I asked Pam to tell me about her journey as a designer, " I wanted to create my own designs to express myself and explore fun ways to create with crochet. I started out with beanies and then moved on to shorts and bralettes. They were so fun and at the time there weren't many patterns around for them. I graduated up to sweaters and ponchos this year and I am enjoying the journey."

When asked about what inspired Pam to begin designing, she said, "I am a songwriter and a visual artist so this is another avenue of creativity for me. My head is always full of ideas and I just need to find ways of creating them and sharing them with the world." So, what inspires Pam to continue designing? "I have no choice - LOL. The ideas just keep demanding to be created!"

Pam started designing three years ago and her favorite part of designing is "choosing the colours, the yarn and stitches to use. I love the actual crocheting part; the grading and making the pattern make sense to those using it is more of a laborious process, but the feeling of accomplishment when it goes out to the testers and then works is so worth it."

Currently Pam is focusing on making garments this year. "I am currently working on a super bulky cardigan, a cardigan version of my Happy Hippy Sweater in fall colours, and a stash busting sweater called the Happy Scrappy Sweater, which is out to testers right now. I also just started a granny square sweater. So, lots on the go!"

Below are just a few of many of Pam's patterns that are available. If you click on any (or ALL!) of the images, you will be directed to the pattern.

In addition to being a fiber artist, Pam is also a painter! "I'm a visual artist and show my work when Covid 19 doesn't prevent it. I was in Paris in 2019 showing 2 paintings at ART SHOPPING in the Carousel du Louvre; It seems like a dream now. I am showing my work at the 2021 Art Vancouver international art event in April."

Pam lives with Havanese fur buddy, Peaches and starts each day off with meditation, journaling and "hopefully some yoga." When asked if there is anything else she would like to share, "I would like to thank you and all the wonderful people I have met in the fibre art/ blogging community. They really embrace the community over competition mantra and it is so heart-warming as someone who lives along, to have this community of mostly women to turn to with questions and to share mutual support for one another."

I do hope you'll show Pam some love by checking out her website and reaching out to her via social media. Below are the links for you:

Website Facebook Instagram YouTube

Ravelry Pinterest Twitter Etsy

Thank you for joining us and meeting my friend Pam today! My hope for you is a lovely weekend filled with lots and lots of yarn!

See you next week!

💕 Stacy J

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