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Meet Edie Eckman! Our Featured Friend!

Happy Friday!! Today I’m super excited to introduce you to the lovely Edie Eckman! In addition to being an amazing designer, Edie is also a passionate teacher and author of many amazing crochet, knit and crafty books! She’s been a designer for “25-ish years.” Edie grew up in Georgia and currently lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Edie learned the basics of knitting and crocheting, sewing and embroidery from her grandmother, but otherwise was “mostly self-taught for a couple of decades. I take classes whenever I can, because I'm always learning.”

I asked Edie to tell me about her journey as a designer, “Many people think of me as a crochet designer, but I was a knitwear designer first. I started designing many years ago when I saw things in knitting magazines, and thought "Oh, I can design something at least as nice as that!" So, I started designing for magazines and yarn companies. Then I wrote a crochet book (The Crochet Answer Book) and started designing for crochet, as well. And Ravelry came along and changed the industry a lot. And I also wrote a few more books. Now I self-publish but I continue to work for yarn companies, and even an occasional magazine."

"While I like to design, I think I like teaching even better. I teach knitting and crochet at national events (which are all virtual now), for yarn shops and guilds, and on Craftsy.com and Creativebug.com. In the past year I've also been teaching technique and design classes organized by me, through my website. The cool thing about teaching virtually is that it's so much easier to reach people all over the world, and students can stay home in their pajamas!”

Edie began designing as a result of being “a serial swatcher. I love to play with yarn and stitch patterns and color and see what happens. I'd probably be happy if I never had to complete a project. I'd just like to swatch all the time, but nobody will pay me to do that. (If you will pay me for this, please contact me!). I like the adventure and creativity that designing provides. ;-)”

Her favorite part of being a designer is that Edie enjoys “offering patterns that allow crafters to stretch their skills just a little bit. That teacher in me comes out in my designs! I think that anybody can knit or crochet anything they want, if they are willing to take their time and learn the techniques involved.”

Edie hand selected 3 patterns that she wants you to check out. If you click on any (or ALL) of the images, you will be directed to her website. They are crochet and knit patterns. And, the PDQ Throw is a beginner-friendly pattern!

Currently Edie is working on “a beautiful spring shawl that uses the continuous crochet technique. This is the same technique I used in my Eulerian Triangles Shawl. I'm going to be teaching the technique in-depth in an upcoming class, and I'm super-excited about it. I can't share details yet, but subscribe to my newsletter to be notified as soon as I can announce more.”

I asked Edie what her biggest tip to share with a new crafter would be, “Relax your hands, your neck and your shoulders. Take deep breaths. Your goal isn't to be perfect; I make mistakes all the time. You'll get better with practice.”

Does Edie have any non-fiber hobbies? “I love to read and listen to audiobooks. I also weave and sew (oops-that's fiber too!), and kayak a bit when it's warm.”

"Besides designing and teaching, I also tech edit for others, draw knitting and crochet charts, and offer consulting services for designers wanting to improve their skills. I'm pretty passionate about helping others improve their skills, whether it is going from beginner to advanced beginner, or from passionate crafter to designer or teacher. Check out all my books and patterns, and upcoming classes on my website."

To visit and follow Edie, please visit the following links and show her some love!

Website: www.edieeckman.com

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Thank you so much for joining me today to meet Edie. I do hope that you'll sign up for her newsletter and check out her work - she really is AMAZING! I hope you have a wonderful weekend that includes lots and lots of yarn (and one of Edie's patterns!).

💕 Stacy J

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