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Meet Becca with Mayhem and Majesty!

Welcome to the first “Featured Friend Friday” of 2021! I’d like to introduce you to my friend Becca, with Mayhem and Majesty! Becca is a very busy mom, wife and designer – I’m so excited for you to get to know her!

Becca grew up on the west coast of the United States (California, Oregon, and Washington). “I met and married my husband in Minnesota and then we moved to Spokane, Washington. We lived there until two and a half years ago - when we moved BACK to Minnesota. I still wonder why I was so willing to move here: I hate winter….and winter in Minnesota is long, cold, and snowy. And did I say COLD? You know it’s bad when you go outside and 17 degrees (Fahrenheit) feels “warm.” The move was worth it because we were able to get a bigger house and I finally got a craft room. I need to remind myself of this fact every winter!”

Her mother-in-law taught Becca how to crochet “either right before or right after I got married. I had ALWAYS wanted to learn to make a granny square, but never knew anyone who crocheted to teach me - I was so excited to find out she crocheted! Once I learned, it was my obsession, hobby, and business. I’ve been married 16 and a half years now - so I have been crocheting a long time. She passed away five years ago and it feels even more special now that I was able to learn from her. She gave me so much in the simple act of showing me how to make a granny square.”

I asked Becca to tell me about her journey as a designer. “Not long after I began crocheting I started to explore designing my own patterns. I started out designing hats, but I never sold my designs - I designed for my own handmade business. I did that for about 8 years. I loved selling at art shows and festivals. But it became too difficult to keep up with once I had my twins (who were kids 4&5). I began exploring selling patterns. Funny enough, I never wrote up any of my hats, but did small stuffed toys and a few granny square and motif designs. Nothing that really took off until I discovered filet crochet via Stitched Up by Emma and her Stitched Up Jigsaw Blanket. That got me exploring what other things I could make on a graph, and so I designed a little car, found a few friends (Emma being one of them) to test it out, listed it on Etsy - and the rest as they say, is history. That was in the fall of 2019. In February 2020, I became an official LLC and now I’ve been a “real” business for almost a year!”

When asked what inspired Becca to begin designing her own patterns, “I have always had a desire to create. And not just create by following someone else’s rules - even when I make a pattern that isn’t mine…I have a hard time not doing something, however small, differently. I like things a certain way, and sometimes the only way is to do it yourself - so I guess the need to having a pattern “just so” is what inspired me to try making up my own patterns all those years ago.”

Becca’s inspiration to keep designing? “Honestly, I feel God has blessed me with the ability and creatively to design. He’s given me a deep-seated desire to create and I know that is a desire I need to honor. I also have a pretty awesome husband who supports me and then some. Not only is he a programmer (free website man and tech support!), but he supports my dreams of building up this business by giving me Saturdays to spend 100% devoted to working. Him taking on all six kids alone for a whole day (from the time they wake up to the time the littlest ones go to bed) is really one of the biggest reasons I have been able to design so many things so fast and grow so quickly. As a result, designing has become a true small business for me - not just a side hustle. My business actually helps our family financially. It’s been an amazing (and humbling) journey.”

Currently, Becca is working on “some new animal designs and some fun abstract, kind of optical illusion-looking designs. I’m also running another free CAL for the year with the theme of Emojis. One of my daughters is really into drawing Emoji (particularly the poop emoji - go figure). So, the idea was born almost a year ago, last February, as I watched her drawing little emojis. I’ve sat on the designs for almost a YEAR, excited to share them - but I knew they would be perfect for a free CAL, so I waited as I had already started the 2020 Filet CAL at that point. I’m pretty excited about 2021 and where this designing adventure will take me!”

Becca is being super kind by offering our readers a special coupon for this weekend only; You can either click on any (or ALL) of the images below to be taken to the patterns on her website. She's offering 20% off all non-sale items good to use Friday 1/8 through Sunday 1/10 with the code: HANDMADE20

I asked Becca what her biggest tip to share with a new crafter and an aspiring designer would be and I LOVE her answers!

To a new crafter: “Practice really DOES make perfect in the case of something like crocheting or knitting - or any art form. It takes time to find your groove. Do one super simple thing until you are really good at it. Then move to something harder.”

To an aspiring designer: “Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to another designer! Admiring others is great - but usually those we admire have been doing it so much longer and so it LOOKS easy for them to design, sell and gather a following. It’s not, trust me! You can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. - I don’t know who first coined that phrase - but it is invaluable advice!”

I also asked Becca if she has any other hobbies, in addition to crochet. “Well…until November really, crochet was my one and only. Then I discovered blackwork embroidery (shout out to Peppermint Purple, the designer who’s amazing work sucked me into the world of embroidery). I feel like my yarn is becoming jealous! It is SO much fun and such a nice break from crochet. In this last year crochet has become a lot more like a “real job” than I expected; At least a lot faster than I expected! Not that this is a bad thing - I am so thankful - but it has been very exciting to find another hobby I enjoy and can unwind with. And it still involves fiber…embroidery floss is just like a really, REALLY, mini yarn skein! And I only just learned this - but, you can buy hand dyed floss! So much fun.”

Becca and her hubby have been married for 16 years (16.5 to be exact). “We have 6 kids ages 13, 11, 7, 6, 6, and 3. The first 3 are boys, the last three are girls. The 7-year-old and the twins are only 11 months apart. No, I don’t remember the first 2 years of the twins’ lives. Thank the Lord for camera phones! To top all that mayhem off, we added a couple cats to the mix after we moved to Minnesota. We are also in our 8th year of homeschooling - so like life is super full. And loud. 3 boys, 3 girls, and 2 cats is not what can be called a quiet household.”

To learn more about Becca with Mayhem and Majesty, please check her out and follow her using the following links:

Business website: https://mayhemandmajesty.com

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/mayhemandmajesty/

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/mayhemandmajesty/

Pinterest Link: https://www.pinterest.com/mayhemandmajesty/

Mayhem & Majesty Makers FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mayhemandmajestymakers

Thank you again for taking the time to meet my friend! I hope you have a wonderful weekend that involves lots and lots of yarn!

💕Stacy J

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