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Learn to Knit - Dishcloth

Learn to Knit the Basketweave Dishcloth with Handmade by Stacy J

This written pattern can be used with the video tutorial on the “Handmade by Stacy J” YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/INhNJzggDj8 It‘s a beginner friendly knit pattern that only uses Knit and Purl. Enjoy!

Tutorial available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/INhNJzggDj8 At the bottom of this post, you will find a chart, the video tutorial and a pdf.

Difficulty level: Easy / Beginner

Measures: 11” x 10” / Gauge not important

Stitches used: Knit (k) and Purl (p)

Materials Needed: Peaches & Cream (100% Cotton, Medium 4 weight) 85 yards

Size 7 (4.5mm) Knitting Needles 2 stitch markers

Tapestry needle and scissors

Here's a pin for you :)


Pattern length can be adjusted by doing “Middle Ridge Row” repeats. End with “Final Row” repeat when you come to desired length.

*Purl will always be on WS (bumpy side) of work*

Directions: Set up Rows Step 1: Cast on 44 sts Step 2: Knit across for 5 rows Step 3: K5, p34, k5 Step 4: K across Step 5: Repeat steps 3 & 4 six more times (12 rows total)

Middle Ridge Rows: Step 6: K across for 2 rows

Step 7: K5, p34, k5 Step 8: K across Step 9: Repeat steps 7 & 8 twice more

Step 10: Repeat steps 6-9 once more

Final Rows Step 11: K across for 2 rows Step 12: K5, p34, k5 Step 13: K across Step 14: Repeat steps 12 & 13 six more times (12 rows total) Remove stitch markers Step 15: K across for 5 rows Bind off k wise & weave in ends

Below is the chart to help you along with your dishcloth. :)

Chart and checklist for pattern

When you choose to make your dishcloth, please tag me on your makes @handmadebystacyj and #handmadebystacyj - I’d love to see them!

If you prefer a pdf, please feel free to download this printable pdf :)

LTK_Dishcloth Tutorial_072020
Download PDF • 1.10MB

This pattern is not to be sold or copied in any way. The images, pattern and charts are copyrighted by Handmade by Stacy J and may not be duplicated. You are welcome to sell your makes, however I ask that you credit me as the designer and you are responsible for providing your own photographs. Thank you!


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