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Featured Friend Friday - Meet Sati with Rows & Roses!

Happy Friday! On Fridays of each week, I'm taking a step back on my own stuff to introduce you to wonderful designers and makers of the fiber community throughout the country (and the world!).

Today I'd like for you to meet Sati with Rows and Roses. Sati is an amazing artist from Seneca, SC; Born and raised. That's also "where my little yarn shop is located, downtown Seneca. I'll be here for the rest of my life, I love it so much! I am married to my best friend, Brock; He is a tattoo artist, and the reason I have 43 tattoos and counting! We've been married for 15 years. We have three kids, Kory who is grown and living on his own, Isaiah who is 13, and Rose who is 10. We're a homeschooling family."

I asked Sati to tell me about her journey as a designer, and it's a fabulous journey! "Oh, that's a fun story. I kinda tripped and fell into this business by accident... I started out wanting woolies for my brand new baby girl, since we had decided to cloth diaper with her. I went on Hyenacart and Diaper Swappers (I'm dating myself now, right?) to find some, but even the pre-loved ones were out of my price range. So, I told myself that if other people could knit and crochet these gorgeous woolies, then surely I could too - Just gotta learn! So, I picked up some cheap yarn, a Learn to Crochet book and had at it. My first few items looked pretty rough, but I just kept practicing. Before I knew it, I was actually making things that looked good! I posted them on Facebook, not trying to sell AT ALL, because I was really excited about my new hobby and wanting to share with my friends. "Look what I did!" Then people started asking me if I would make things for them. In no time at all, I found I needed a facebook page for all of the requests. My eldest son, Kory, came up with the name Rows & Roses: Rows like rows of crochet, and Roses because my daughter's name is Rose and she's the reason I got into this. Pretty clever, isn't he? From there, it just went up. Soon I had a Facebook group & an Instagram account. I was hosting a Crochet Corner at my house with all my friends. Then I learned to knit, then how to spin yarn on a drop spindle, then how to read charts. Later I started weaving. I got a gig as a tester for WeCrochet, and then became an affiliate. Now I design for WeCrochet, Interweave Crochet, Expression Fiber Arts (coming soon!) and I have a handful of pattern proposals out to a few other places that I'm waiting to hear back from. It's been a wild ride! And now, I have opened a local yarn shop in downtown Seneca, SC called Rows & Roses Yarn & Fiber. This is my baby, and my dream. I've wanted to own my own shop pretty much since I started down the fiber arts path, and now I do! I'm slowly making it into the most amazing little place, and I'm really proud of it."

Sati's favorite part of being a designer? "Getting to play with yarn, of course! There's just nothing like having delicious yarn running through my fingers, squishing it and swatching with different hook and needle sizes, discovering the perfect fabric for it. Different yarns lend themselves better to certain types of stitches, as well as to certain tensions and densities of fabric. I'm a fiber nerd, so I read up a lot on different sheep breeds; I know what alpaca is good for vs. what linen is good for, and stuff like that. To be able to turn a yarn into "the perfect thing" is a form of magic, I think. I just love being able to do that."

When designing pieces, she has "very specific ideas in my head of what I want something to look like, and they usually start with the yarn. I will take a beautiful, glorious yarn in my hands and squeeze it, and pet it, and decide what I want it to be, then go looking for a pattern. Oftentimes, I just can't find the perfect pattern. So, I feel like in order to do the yarn justice, I can't just settle. It needs to be "this thing" and if I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, then I need to design it myself. Most of my designs start with the yarn."

Her inspiration to keep designing is "Really just the desire to be creative. It's one more outlet. I'm driven to create. I've always needed to create things in order to feel balanced and like my work is worth something. I do love crocheting and knitting from patterns that I find, but designing things myself is yet another way I can make what I want, how I want."

"Right now, I've got a bunch of orders to do for the Stocking Stuffers event I just closed in the Facebook group, so I'm not in the middle of a design at the moment. I did just send some proposals to Interweave Crochet and Crochet Now for their current sub calls, and I have an idea for a December pattern that I need to play around with. Orders and the LYS keep me busy! Sometimes it's hard to find time to design, but I've definitely got some ideas just waiting for a good time to swatch."

I asked Sati, what would be your biggest tip to share with a new crafter? "Just keep going. Your first stuff is not going to be up to your standards for how things should be. Keep going. Your tension will probably be a mess at first. Keep going. The more you practice, the more you're building the muscle memory, and the easier it will come after a time. The only way up is to KEEP GOING!"

Sati is offering a special for all readers of this blog post: Use code HSJ2020 for 50% off of all three of these patterns. Simply put all 3 patterns into your cart, enter code, and checkout!

Even designers have hobbies that aren't fiber related. So, I asked Sati about her hobbies. "Oh man, I'm a psycho-artist; so, I'm into a little bit of everything. Mostly music, when not yarn. I'm a huge metal fan, and I play guitar and drums a little, and piano. I love to bake, especially in the fall and winter. Thanksgiving is HUGE in my house; we're up at 5am making like 12 dishes. I love to read. I'm big into horror of all sorts: movies, books, decor, anything related to Halloween or true ghost stories and legends. I used to make soap, bath & body products, as well as jewelry, but I haven't done that in a while."

Sati loves to craft outside when she can. But when she can't, she has "a lovely little sitting area set up in my yarn shop where my visitors and I will spend hours yarning, drinking coffee, and talking and laughing. It's such a nice spot to be, especially with friends."

Best advice ever given to Sati? "If anyone can do it, I can do it. Why not? So when I set out to do something, I just do. I don't hesitate, I don't worry too much, I don't try to back out when I get scared. I just push on through."

Is there anything else you would like to share? "Yeah, come to my shop! I would love to see you, Stacy, and anybody reading this article. We're big on community, and have free coffee, a winding station, comfy seating, and an in-house library. Sometimes a visitor will come in for a ball of yarn and stay for hours. It's really just such a cozy and inviting space and I really want everyone to enjoy it. If you come to visit, make sure you mention this article so I know how you found me!"

To learn more about Sati with Rows & Roses, please check out the following links and follow her:

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Thank you for taking the time to visit with us today and to learn about my friend. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend filled with lots and lots of yarn 🧶!

💕Stacy J

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