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Color Catchers - do they really work?

Last year I heard a lady in my knitting group mention something about this totally foreign object that I had never heard about: Color Catchers.

What in the world is a Color Catcher?

Well, it turns out that they are these neat, little sheets that you put in with your laundry to prevent colors from bleeding. I was curious if they really work. So, I put them to the test.

I had made a shawl for my son's girlfriend made with fingering weight sock yarn in a beautiful dark red and even darker purple. Gorgeous colors together, right? Then, it was time to block... How in the world will I keep these beautiful colors from bleeding? Then it hit me - Color Catchers!

I ordered a box of the Shout Color Catchers off of Amazon (A really great deal at just over 4 bucks!) and decided to give it a try. But, not just a try... I added in one of our white terry cloth washcloths to see if it really works to prevent color bleed and filmed a video of the process.

The first 4 minutes or so of the video are of the Color Catchers and then, if you'd like to hang out for a few more minutes, I show how I blocked the shawl.

Here's the video for you to check out:

Have you ever tried Color Catchers? If you think you'd like to give them a shot, please consider purchasing yours through my affiliate link in the store on my website. That allows Amazon to pay me a small commission without it costing you a penny more :)

Happy crafting!!

~ Stacy J

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