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Our New Website!! So Exciting!!! 😍

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hello! Welcome to the brand new website for Handmade by Stacy J!! I'm so excited to have you here!

Instead of going on about the why's and how's of getting the new site up, I thought I'd instead share with you what my goals for the blog are.

Mondays: Multicolor Mondays - On Mondays I like to look for color inspiration. So, I decided to start a little inspiration of my own to share with you. I'm currently an affiliate for LoveCrafts and I absolutely LOVE the Paintbox yarns (as well as others!) and have decided to make a color palette of 5 colors inspired by photographs of the season. Currently I have this season's palettes designed and I think you'll love them!

Tuesdays: Crochet Tutorial Tuesday - This is the day that a new tutorial will be uploaded to the YouTube channel, as well as updated here on the website. Do you knit instead?? That's okay! Hop on down to see what Thursday has in store for you!

Wednesday: Whatcha Working on Wednesdays - This day is all about our WIPs (and I know that we have more than one at any given time 😂). It's also the day of the week that I meet with my momma. We meet at my place and work on a project together. Recently, we finished an afghan (well, SHE did - I still have the joining and the border to do), we worked on dog sweaters and overall just try new things. I'll be doing a little blurb about that on Wednesdays. And, honestly, I love our Wednesdays!

Thursdays: Knitting Tutorial Thursdays - Learn a new stitch or refine one that you already know with a set of fresh eyes. This will be uploaded to YouTube and will also update here on the website.

Fridays: Featured Friend Fridays - This is the day where I'll be introducing you to different designers, local yarn shops, indie dyers, etc... I'll be doing an in depth interview and you'll get to see some of their highlighted patterns. My goal is to make this an enjoyable, magazine style write up that includes pictures, links, all kinds of goodies.

Saturday: If you subscribe to my newsletter, this is the day that you'll receive the recap of the week, as well as any other offers, tips or goodies going on.

Sunday: Whew! I'm taking Sunday's OFF! ❤️🧶❤️

I do hope that you'll join me for this wonderful yarny adventure. Thank you for reading this far and I look forward to getting to know you!

Thank you!

~ Stacy J

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