Knit Tutorials

If you've ever needed a little assistance for learning a new stitch, we are creating a library of stitches for you to choose from. Directly below is the written patterns that are used in conjunction with the tutorials that link to our YouTube channel and on the very bottom of the page you'll have access to all of the knit stitch videos that have been published. If you have a stitch that you would like to see a tutorial of, please send us an email.

Our Latest in the Knit Stitch Library

Four-section cable knit sample from Handmade by Stacy J
Medallion Seed Stitch Cable
Lace and Cable Panel
Learn to knit the Leafy lace Knit Stitch - Web
Learn to knit the Zig zag rib knitting stitch
Ruching Stitch
Zigzag Eyelet Lace Knit Stitch by Handmade by Stacy J
Checkerboard Lace
Chinese Lace Knit Pattern - Handmade by Stacy J
Learn to Knit the Double Seed Stitch
Learn to knit the Seed Stitch Pane with Handmade by Stacy J
Diagonal Garter Rib_Learn to Knit
Farrow Rib - Learn to Knit
Learn to Knit - Lattice Cable Dishcloth
Vandyke Lace - Learn to Knit
Learn to knit the Lace Rib Panel
Learn to Knit_01
Learn to Knit - Seersucker Stitch
Learn to Knit - Basketweave Stitch
Learn to Knit - Bamboo Stitch
Learn to Knit Eyelet Lace Dishcloth